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Dear Customer

Thank you very much for your interest in our mall!

We offer a variety of payment methods so that you can choose the most convenient way to complete your payment. Below are our purchasing instructions:

1.【Customer makes order and payment 

We support: credit card payments, Zelle, Cash App, paypaland bank transfers.

💙Credit Card: 

You can conveniently make payments using major credit card brands such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, etc. It’s a quick and hassle-free way to complete your purchase.

Follow the steps:

💙Zelle and Cash App:

If you prefer using mobile payment apps, we also accept Zelle and Cash App. Simply transfer the payment to our designated account. These apps offer secure and fast transaction experiences.

You can check out the Zelle and Cash App for payments


We support payments using PayPal, a globally recognized online payment platform that allows you to easily complete transactions using your PayPal account.
We do this by sending the paypal bill offline, you provide the email address and we send you a confirmation of the order.

💙Bank Transfer:

If you prefer direct transfers from your bank account, we also accept bank transfers. You can transfer the amount directly to our specified bank account and mention your order number in the transfer memo.

2.【 We will send notification of the customer's order

After placing an order, our customer service manager Lucy will send you a message of your successful payment to inform you of the order (via WhatsApp or email).

You can view What should I do after successful payment?

3.【 We send the product for QC (quality control) and ship it to the customer

4.【 We package products and ship them to our customers

Click here to view Frequently Asked Shipping Questions.

If you have any help, please contact me at any time for free ,and I am very happy to serve you!🥰