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Dear customers:

The reason for your failure to pay by card: Because the bank will strictly review each payment, it may cause your payment to fail. Please follow the solutions below to generally complete the payment.

It is recommended to choose payment 1/2/3.

1. Credit card payment

The first attempt to pay, it shows that the payment failed, please wait 5 minutes because the bank is reviewing. 

After 5 minutes, if your money has not been debited from your bank, please call your bank, tell them it is safe to pay, and try paying again on our website after you have done this.

Tips: If you still cannot swipe your card, it is recommended to use the following other payment methods:

View My Order And Try to Pay

2. Bank transfer

Bank transfer is convenient, safe and fast. Please contact customer service to obtain bank information for direct transfer.

3. Zelle Or Cash App

If you pay with zelle or cash app, we can receive your payment in time, please contact customer service for direct transfer from zelle and cash app account.

4. PayPal

If you need to pay via PayPal, We will send you paypal payment link,you may have to wait longer and contact customer service first.